When I was a girl in the early 1970’s, I found myself drawn toward scenery rich in autumnal colours. The rich shades of burnt ochre, the golden yellows and the fading colour of the green leaves, to me was just beautiful. I used to wish that these colours would stay for the whole year and not just in the autumn. This feeling was one of the many reasons I started to draw and paint.

I found myself getting totally lost in art. I had a feeling of such great accomplishment, even when the finished painting showed that I was a novice, to me it was a masterpiece! I persevered, regularly buying myself different materials and experimenting with mixing colours, often getting really frustrated with the results. I also started dabbling in other mediums, such as acrylic, pencil and watercolours. Eventually, I found what I most enjoyed, and that was when I discovered oils! I was amazed at the fantastic options available when I started to paint in oils, and it was at this time that I knew that I needed to learn as much as I could about the techniques involved when oil painting onto canvas.

Once I was smitten by the painting bug, I started to paint landscapes in the Royal Parks in and around Richmond Borough. It was in Bushy Park where I first saw the most majestic deer’s grazing in the grounds, and I just had to paint these magnificent animals. My first few attempts weren’t very successful and I put it to one side, promising myself that I would return to complete the project at a later date. I then decided that I need to take classes in Portraiture, which included portraits of animals and people. I really enjoyed the classes, and was delighted when I achieved a high ‘A’ level certificate. I then continued to attend a few workshop art classes and found them extremely helpful in my development as an artist.

Life came along and I had to put my new hobby to one side. I had two beautiful children and I didn’t paint for a number of years. I found there was no time left, after working all day and taking care of my children. However, I am now able to work on my art again, as my kids are all grown up and running after their own little ones.

Once I had revived my passion for painting, I went back to those beautiful deer I had once started in Bushy Park. I did a number of portraits for people who had asked. I painted my Mother’s lovely spaniel and recently added her little westie ‘Tigger’ to the collection too. I painted numerous landscapes of the lovely scenery of our beautiful country and I also had the privilege of visiting India, where I was spoilt for choice- there was stunning scenery everywhere I looked, and I just had to capture some of those breathtaking scenes on canvas.

You can find some of the paintings I’ve mentioned here. I hope they inspire you, as they did me!

Thank you to all for reading my story.

Judith Stuart-William.

All of my paintings are for sale, should you wish to buy one. They are also available as prints.